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As the sun begins to rise over Dallas, a black Escalade enters a gated community to collect 03 Greedo. It is just before 8 a.m. on March 16th, marking the first complete day of freedom for the Watts rapper, who spent nearly five years imprisoned within the Texas penitentiary system.
In just twelve hours’ time, Greedo – a musician who once characterized his sound as “emo music for gangbangers” – will take the stage at Billboard’s SXSW event in Austin, marking a highly anticipated comeback.

Greedo, aged 35, fondly reminisces about a past life with a smile while throwing a luxurious duffel bag into the car trunk. This was during the summer of 2018, which also happened to be the final week of his freedom. In a span of 12 hours, he had a hectic day that included a shopping spree at the Beverly Center, a recording session at DJ Mustard’s studio, and a late-night video shoot, all across Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this was the last time he saw the light of day before being incarcerated for 20 years in a Texas prison. This sentence was part of a plea deal that was reached due to his possession of four pounds of methamphetamine and two stolen pistols.

For half a decade, Greedo has existed as an intangible entity. Nonetheless, he has continued to embody the essence of West Coast hip-hop – a force that has broadened the scope of the genre for a new generation, the heart and soul of the streets, and a triumphant figure that has returned to a region plagued with misfortune.

In the previous year, two individual tracks, “Trap House” (which features Shoreline Mafia) and “Substance,” achieved platinum certification without any assistance from promotional efforts while the artist was incarcerated. Despite this, a decelerated rendition of the latter song became a viral hit on the social media platform TikTok in 2021, over three years after its debut, with over 200 million listens on Spotify.

Greedo shrugs nonchalantly when he admits, “I’ve never laid eyes on a TikTok,” which serves as a stark reminder of the rapid cultural transformations that have transpired since he was last present. “Even though I’m more significant than the industry realizes, they’re unaware because I have a substantial presence in the regions that are frequently overlooked.

Observing him in person is an almost eerie experience. His visage is adorned by a commanding beard reminiscent of a holy land mufti. He is garbed in a puffer jacket from Louis Vuitton, Amiri pants in black, and a gray beanie that conceals his once-signature locs. Though the tattoo on his face reading “Living Legend” has begun to fade, the words themselves now seem even more prescient.

Out of nowhere, the transition back into society arrived abruptly. The previous inhabitant of the Jordan Downs projects in Watts had been working with a lawyer specializing in parole for the past few years, who happened to be the same attorney that UGK’s Pimp C had. However, until his mother informed him of his imminent liberation during a phone call in mid-January, he had no knowledge of it.