18 years after the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix: the craziest race in Formula 1 in recent years

This Tuesday marks the 18th anniversary of 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix. That race will remain in the great history of the Formula 1, as one of the most exciting, rugged and crazy tests in recent years. There, Giancarlo Fisichella he was left with the victory, although he was not the winner on the track. In addition, the most serious accident of Fernando Alonso.

Brazil 2003

The race started very complicated. The bad weather and the difficulty of the Interlagos circuit gave fans the hope of having a great show. With a JordanOne of the most difficult cars to drive in the paddock of those years, Fisichella was the least affected by accidents in the race.

With a start that was under the wet track regime, the safety car was present to start the race. Eight laps at low speed, delayed the actual start by more than ten minutes. Once the real race started, the cars flew under the torrential Brazilian rain, which never disappoints.

Several pilots were abandoning in a race full of accidents. Many for mechanical reasons, but the vast majority for severe accidents. One of them marked the category’s agenda, although miraculously it did not cause any fatalities. Fernando Alonso was the most affected by this accident, which will remain in the memory of the fans.

The Asturian collided with a wheel that was loose in the middle of the track, something that should not have happened. After this incident, Alonso was hospitalized with injuries to his legs. After this, the red flag was present on the Brazilian circuit. The winner of the race was Fisichella, but the FIA assured that the result was that of two laps before the red flag, giving victory to Kimi raikkonen, with Fisichella second and Alonso third. Finally, five days later, the result was confirmed on the track, giving the Italian victory.

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