41lsdne leaked videos o Telegra, Onlyf full and photos of Model and tiktok

An OnlyFans model has been named after filming a promo with her younger brother. Camilla Araujo shared a video this week in which she asks her brother about her OF career. In the rather embarrassing video, Araujo can be seen standing next to her younger siblings with their phones.

Then she asked him, “How does it feel to have a sister who has OF?” Her brother replied, “My friends always ask me if I’m pink, but I really don’t know what they mean….you? “

Apparently surprised by the casual response, Araujo said, “My God.” Then clicked the link in my bio, and I, I just couldn’t. ’ The model then walks away and the clip ends there.

Araujo has caused quite a stir online since the promo was shared on her social channels. Many took to Twitter to express their shock at the stunt, which they thought went a little too far. “MrBeasts Squid Games girl started an OF and got her own brother to help promote it,” wrote one commenter. “Fuck, is this shit?”

Another commented: “I was just checking…” “Shooting with your bro really sucks,” added a third. Another added: “Yeah bro, get bullied everyday.”

Araujo likely anticipated the planned outrage and has now responded to the backlash she has received.

In another video shared on her Instagram account, the OF model appeared worried about her brother after receiving a lot of criticism. “This tweet is going viral on Twitter right now, so I thought I’d call my brother and see how he’s doing,” she said, showing a post critical of her.

When he picked up the phone, her brother didn’t look too happy about the attention he was getting. He sits in his bedroom playing a game console. “Honestly, I don’t fucking want to hear from you anymore,” he said.

“I’m throwing a tantrum on twitter, I’m fighting for my life in a group chat, that’s why I better see myself at Disneyland tonight, ok? I fucking hate you.” After hanging up , Araujo looked into the camera and said, “Click the link in my bio so I can take my brother to Disneyland.”