5 curiosities you probably didn’t know about Majin Boo’s anatomy

Being one of the most iconic characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Majin Boo it is equally powerful and peculiar, mainly due to the bizarre characteristics of its body, in addition to its multiple transformations that also had other properties.

So, as some aspects of the Majin race and Majin Boo’s body may be unknown to many fans, we have prepared a list of 5 curiosities that you probably did not know about the anatomy of Majin Boo:

Manipulation of your body

One of the most interesting aspects of the Majin Boo subspecies is its ability to modify their bodies in different ways, being able to literally manipulate their skin and flesh to avoid blows, stretch their limbs and even absorb their enemies. All three of these features are shown in the versions of Majin Boo that we saw in the main series.

Boo’s outfit is made with his own meat

But in addition to manipulating their bodies, perhaps the most bizarre part of the Majins’ anatomy is that the clothes they wear are made from their own flesh. Thus, when hit by a blow, they are able to regenerate both their body and their clothes.

Majin Boo has asexual reproduction

Standard breeding of the Majin breed occurs asexually, using a method called fission, where a single Majin splits in two. However, this method should not be confused with cloning, since the “copy” will not always have the same personality as the original, as it did when Majin Boo removed the evil from his heart and gave rise to Evil Boo.

Differences in Kid Boo’s look

As much as Kid Boo’s look in the Dragon Ball Z anime is best known by fans, in the manga he has a curious difference, since instead of having five fingers in his hand, Kid originally had only two, his index finger and the thumb

Training also changes your body

Finally, as shown by Good Boo already in Dragon Ball Super, the Majins’ bodies are also modified through training, being able to lose weight and even become more muscular.

About the future of Dragon Ball Super, although we still have no news regarding the return of the anime, its manga continues to be published monthly, being currently in the second arc after the completion of the Tournament of Power.

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