60 minutes sharswood plantation – Who Is Fred Miller and Where Does He Live?

Fred Miller, a 56-year-old Air Force veteran, was looking for a property in his home state of Virginia where his extended family would get together regularly. So he finds his new home is the site of the plantation where his ancestors were subdued.

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When Air Force veteran Fred Miller bought the green-roofed Gothic Revival-style White House near his childhood home in Southern Virginia, he wanted a large space to host gatherings for his tight-knit extended family.

Miller doesn’t want to uncover hidden chapters of his family’s past. For example, on the latest episode of 60 Minutes, reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed Miller and his family in Sharswood and discussed what they discovered about the property and its former occupants.

Discover Fred Miller’s 60-Minute Sharswood Plantation Story

As mentioned above, CBS reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed Fred Miller and his family in Sharswood and discussed what they had buried about the property and its previous occupants. The Air Force veteran didn’t expect to uncover hidden chapters of his family’s past.

“I want to tell the story of slavery. It’s important.”

Fred Miller, who is committed to preserving Sharswood’s history, told Lesley Stahl: “This place is open to anyone who wants to learn.”

Fred didn’t know it at the time, but his new home used to be a farm or plantation. The company called Sharswood was founded in the 1850s by a slave-owning uncle and nephew. His sister, Karen Dixon-Rexroth, initially persuaded her brother to buy the property, while her cousin Dexter Miller and Sony Sonya Womack-Miranda has done much of the investigation into Harswood’s past.

With the help of local historian and genealogist Karice Luck-Brimmer, the Millers uncovered records that prove their ancestors were once subdued in Sharswood.

When Shari Finkelstein and Braden Cleveland Bergan first went to Sharswood to meet their family and look around, they were part of a conversation between Dexter Miller and his former colleague Bill Thompson. Her family purchased the property in 1917 and owned it for over a century.

Thompson’s sister sold it to Miller in May 2020, according to sources. In this discussion, Miller Thompson asks a question that has plagued him for years. Miller asked about the slave cemetery, and Thompson showed him.

Following this discovery, the 60 Minutes team escorted the Miller family to a wooded area outside the Miller property line, where they first saw the so-called graveyard of their enslaved ancestors. A few weeks later, Leslie Starr visited the site with Miller and his sister Karen, who live in California. So Miller said he was going to clear the cemetery. He plans to start a charitable foundation to restore slave quarters on the property to educate people interested in the history of slavery.