A bomb! Tracy Cortez, the UFC fighter who is viral on social networks

With more than 350 thousand followers on Instagram, Tracy cortez fall in love not only with fans of UFC. The extraordinary Mexican-American fighter was present last Saturday at UFC Vegas 24, where she achieved a very good victory. But, nevertheless, her profile on social networks explodes with each post she makes, leading her to be better known than on television screens.

After the victory of the weekend, Cortez He said the following about the step he took in his career: “So I was about 5, and they usually give us an hour to reduce the weight, but they didn’t take me out. The doctor wouldn’t let me cut half a pound. He checked me out and didn’t think it was okay for me to cut off the rest of the weight. I could have cut him off, I could have pissed him off, but he wouldn’t let me.

“I thought I was going to get that extra hour, so I was pretty sure I was going to do 126 on the dot. So when the doctor didn’t give me the go-ahead, my trainer fought and said it’s five pounds. I’m fine, I was walking and I did everything he asked me to do. It was fine, and it still didn’t clear me. Protocols, which I have no choice but to respect, “he also communicated.

Wants to always be great

For its part, Tracy He highlighted: “I would have cut it 100 percent. I would not have stepped on the scale to lose weight with the 5 point discount. I would never have done that. I’ve never lost weight in my life or career, so I was really frustrated. ” Without a doubt, her physique is very important to her, which she always shows on social networks and earns hundreds of compliments.

To close, Tracy cortez He explained what he will do in the coming weeks: “Right now I just want to go home and spend time with my family and see how I feel and how I recover, but I want to be active. I want to stay in the flyweight division and make a name for myself here. ” Without a doubt, she will be seen very active on social media, entertaining her fans of UFC.

Tracy Cortez.
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