A fiasco! According to the gamer community, these are the worst video games ever

UNITED STATES.- Video games are one of the things that most impact those who are immersed in this area, so the arrival of new titles supposes a complete study of them. For this reason, through the Intra News we will tell you what the worst video game of the story according to the gamer community, according to several aspects that are fundamental for a good acceptance

Superman: The New Superman Adventures– known as Superman 64 was developed in 1999 by Titus Software for the console Nintendo 64. This video game has been considered one of the worst around superheroes and the main argument was that it did not have a support in the argument, which caused it to have inconsistencies in the story that for gamers was a real disappointment.

Custer’s Revenge: released in 1982, Mystique’s pornographic video game for Atari 2600 was also criticized by the gamer community for obvious reasons. One of them was the poor quality graphics, but the main thing was that the game incited sexual violence and discrimination. The terrible plot consisted of abusing women, something that was undoubtedly critical, but luckily these things are increasingly regulated.

No man’s skyDeveloped by Hello Games for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows it was released in 2016, but gamers were disappointed after it was announced as something new. The reason was that it was very boring, according to the players, there were even those who returned the video game, although what was redeemable was the graphics and the experience that it could have generated.

Daikatana: the videogame First Shooter was developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive for PC and Nintendo 64. Released in the fabulous 2000s after many years it completely disappointed. The funny thing about him was that his delay in leaving made his graphics obsolete, so he really had terrible luck, so it is not known what would have happened if his arrival had occurred earlier.

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