A fight for history: Patrício Freire is confident that he will end AJ McKee’s record

AJ McKee and Patrício Freire will deliver an impressive duel in the final of Bellator, causing a lot of expectation. Both will be measured in what will be the fight for the featherweight championship of said company, surely leaving a lot to talk about after that happens. With two of the best talents in the world, there is practically a knockout or submission assured inside that cage. That being the case, the current champion did not save anything against his next rival.


A few hours ago, Freire He stressed: “It is the perfect ending for the film. In He undefeated, I am the champion. Let’s see what will happen and I know what will happen. I know it’s good. He is young. But I told him, ‘To be a complete fighter is to be defeated.’ And he will be defeated by me. It is a five round fight. He’s going to get to a place where it’s a competitive fight for the belt. Is different. Preparation for the fight, everything.

Everything is going to happen. Know my power. You know I’m dangerous. I know you are scared. I know that I am number one in the world, so it is enough for me. I know my records, I know my numbers, I know my titles. I know the meaning of them. It has been built by Bellator for their entire career here at Bellator. He is undefeated. He is in the final against me, so it will be one of the greatest fights of all time, “he said. Patrick.

On the sidewalk in front, McKee he reported, ‘Freire went out and did his job, you know? It’s nothing I didn’t expect. He went back to his bread and butter. He shook Sánchez a bit and saw an opportunity as he said. It got around that neck and that was it. He went out and did what he had to do, it didn’t surprise me at all. That was what I expected to happen. Now the best is coming, the final is coming ».

«Now that he is also in the final and I can start to analyze and evaluate what I am going to do in the fight. I am much longer. I have a 75 inch reach. There’s no way he’s getting close to me If he goes out and fights like he did, I promise he won’t come near me. You will have to create openings and try to get inside. You have to bring me the fight. I know you have the belt, but at the end of the day, I have the scope. I have the advantage, “he said. AJ.

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