A real gem! Gayblade: one of the pioneers of LGBTIQ + themed video games

UNITED STATES.- It was the 1980s when a genius named Ryan best launched a game based on the theme LGBTIQ +: Gayblade. The story has an extremely harsh background, just as it happens in the community today. But due to the mistake of its creator, the banner of these video game got lost, leaving the developer stranded on the uncertainty of where he was after disappearing in a move.

It all started when activist Ryan Best decided to do something about it after the abuses suffered by the LGBTIQ + community. On the other side of the abyss was Pat Buchanan, a candidate for president of the United States: a public enemy of these groups at the end of the 20th century. The developer created the code for GayBlade, “a homosexual parody of the traditional fantasy RPG genre.”

The videogame it was for the then Macintosh and Windows 3.1 computers. The purpose of this was simple: enter a dungeon to rescue Empress Nelda. It all gets crazy when you take on homophobic enemies like members of the Ku Klux Klan, the FBI, and of course Pat Buchanan as the final boss that you must defeat. The weapons to defend yourself? Pepper spray and condoms.

Although the game was not very successful, it did represent a watershed in videogames as it was one of the first to address this social problem and, above all, make visible a sector that was beaten (and still today). Everything turned sadness for Best when he moved from Hawaii to San Francisco and lost the master copies of all his work, something that was revealed in “High Score”, the Netflix douserie.

But when everything seemed finished, the whole story of the loss of the video game, as the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany, got in touch with the production of “High Score”. The news would be a bomb: the museum dedicated to the LGBTIQ + community preserves an original copy of Gayblade and it can now be played from any computer with its respective emulator.