Abuses in MotoGP? Valentino Rossi’s girlfriend denounces that she suffered harassment

The world of motorsport is often a male-dominated sport. However, over the years, the influence of women was gaining importance, and they were entering the categories in a different way. However, in the last hours there was a strong complaint by Francesca Novello, girlfriend of the idol of MotoGP, Valentino rossi.

In an interview for a current affairs magazine, Novello gave details of various ill-treatment received some years ago in MotoGP. Valentino’s couple worked for several years as a model in the paddock and there they met the rider, who in those years was the great dominator of the category and to this day, the greatest idol of motorcycle fans.


Novello explained and advised women who work in the motoring environment. “Racing is a masculine environment. You have to wake up, you cannot be a smiling ‘lamb’. You have to learn to be respected. If you let it pass and you show yourself pretty and stupid, you’re finished “, explained Novello in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Far from being silent, Novello gave details and accused, without naming anyone, that he received harsh abuses while he was part of the Paddock of MotoGP in his youth. It’s part of the game, it happens. At 19 years old, it is not easy to work with people who look at your butt when you pass by and touch it when you take a picture with them, ”Rossi’s partner shot.


Finally, the Italian model stressed that the figure of her partner helped a lot in her career, but she does not want to be cataloged because of Valentino. If you have an important man by your side it is almost inevitable. But I’m glad I continued working, as long as I can, without using his name. It is true that without Vale I would not have reached the popularity I have, but in my career I would have done the same things. It would have taken me longer, but I would have done them, “he said.

Valentino Rossi.