Adam Kroeker dead and obituary, Marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Solutions

I am an experienced, forward-thinking marketing professional with strategic digital marketing acumen for multi-billion dollar multinational corporations in verticals such as manufacturing and distribution. I have a strong background in developing eCommerce and digital marketing solutions and am able to lead and manage cross-functional teams, product divisions and corporate communications initiatives.

MRandom News Adam Kroeker dead and obituary, Marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Solutions

I manage and design customer loyalty and relationship marketing programs by developing content and digital solutions that effectively strengthen the customer’s relationship with a company’s brand, products and services. I have in-depth expertise in e-commerce and e-campaign design using statistics. I have the ability to drive leading CRM and web-based analytics software programs including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics and Adwords.

Responsible for managing the growth and development of our 34 offices and’s online product marketing, rewards programs, internal marketing, and e-commerce and communications activities

Nedco is your one stop shop for a wide range of quality communications/data, wire and cable, power distribution, lighting, energy saving products, security and fire alarms and other electrical products.

Responsible for strategic planning and overseeing the execution of all global marketing activities; North America, Latin America, EMEA, China and India.

NBS Technologies is a leading developer and supplier of card personalization, mobile devices, EMV compliance/migration and smart card manufacturing. TSMC.