Adam Sandler met with a waitress who did not want to serve him, an epic ending

Some days ago, a waitress went viral thanks to a curious anecdote with Adam Sandler, since he did not recognize it when the actor asked him for something, a detail that was surely embarrassing for the girl.

This video went viral on Tik Tok, after Adam Sandler went to a branch of IHop, where the waitress did not want to serve him and also, he did not recognize it, since the actor was wearing a mask.

Adam Sandler met with a waitress who did not want to serve him, the end is epic

In this situation, Sandler He posted a tweet in which he told in his own way what happened to this funny scene in his life and he explained that he left because of a small detail that the waitress told him.

It turns out that in There is an “All You Can Eat” promotion at IHop, but the waitress told Sandler that it did not apply to shakes that day.

Sandler saw the curious moment go viral, decided to meet with the IHop waitress and through Tik Tok, Dayanna rhodes, the waitress, showed a video and several photographs where we can see her happy and content with the actor.

IHop took the opportunity to create ‘Smoothie Monday’

According to the Entertainment Weekly site, IHOP was inspired by Sandler’s tweet and on May 10th they organized a “Shake Monday”, this, to take advantage of the hype that was in social networks about the subject.

What’s more, IHop promised that the money raised would be donated to the Comedy Gives Back organization, so it was not a bad idea to establish this special day at the food hall.

By the way, seeing Adam Sandler that there was a new promotion at IHop, decided to go back to the side of one of his dogs and said hello to the waitress.

Without a doubt an unforgettable moment for Dayanna Rodas!