Adriana Kuch bullying video leaked on reddit, Whats happened

A 14-year-old girl has tragically taken her own life after sharing a video online of her being attacked by a student. Before the shocking attack, Adriana Couch was routinely bullied by four girls at Central Regional High School in Berkeley, New Jersey, according to her father. She was found dead by suicide at her home two days later, local media reported.

MRandom News Adriana Kuch bullying video leaked on reddit, Whats happened

In video shared by the news outlet, Adriana was seen being hit by a cracked water bottle as she was walking with another student. The teen was then thrown to the ground, punched and kicked and had his hair pulled while someone laughed in the background. One of the attackers can also be heard saying: “You’ll get it, you stupid bitch!”.

Local media reported the girls had been suspended “indefinitely”, but father Michael Couch believes justice should be served.

“I was never told that she was hit three times in the face with a bottle. Also, I was never told that my daughter passed out, all they did was take her to the school nurse,” he said on Facebook. “The school didn’t even report it to the police. They told me it wasn’t their policy. I had to take my bloodied daughter to the local police station to report the incident.

Adriana’s sister-in-law, Jennifer Ferro, also claimed on Facebook that the four students continued to “molest” the teen after the incident, saying, “If we see you again, we’ll spank your bottom.” According to News Three of the girls have since been charged with third-degree assault, while a fourth has been charged with disorderly conduct, 12 New Jersey reported.

According to Adriana’s online obituary, she died on February 3. Born in Toledo, Ohio, she moved frequently because her father was an Army paratrooper before settling in Bayville seven years ago. “She loves all animals, she helps children with special needs, she enjoys jogging with her brother and is a true nature lover,” the obituary read. “Adriana also enjoys her forest walks, skateboards, sand buggies and buggy rides.”