After all, did Kakashi outperform Sakumo Hatake in Naruto Shippuden?

An absolutely common thing in stories that involve different generations of people and families in the same activity is the theme of overcoming, if children will be able to overcome their parents, especially if the parents in question are considered special in some way.

There is no doubt that Sasuke exceeded Fugaku, Naruto exceeded Minato, Might Guy exceeded Duy and so on … Or is it not? it would have Kakashi overcome Sakumo Hatakand, the White Fang of Konoha?

Did Kakashi outdo Sakumo Hatake or not?

Although he was highly respected in his day, with his fame even exceeding that of the Three Legendary Ninjas of Konoha, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade, Sakumo is one of the most… secret (?) Characters in the whole story.

Minato Namikaze had the man as a great ninja and even after his infamous decision to give up on a mission to save his teammates and commit suicide with the depression of having failed, Sakumo was considered a hero.

Sakumo’s fame was great even outside of Konoha, with the ninja being hated in other Villages, mainly in Suna, where he was responsible for the death of Sasori’s parents.

Despite all this, we have never seen, neither in the anime, nor in the manga, nor in films or novels, any Sakumo combat. We know nothing about his special abilities or powers, nothing but his white saber infused with chakra, which left a white light after the cut – which gave rise to the nickname Sakumo.

We only know that he was more famous than the Three Sanin. Taking this into account, Kakashi became more powerful than the Sanin by obtaining two Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan with Six Path Chakra. Death… So technically, yes. Kakashi overcame Sakumo at that point in his life.

But as this power was temporary and no other version of Kakashi was shown to be superior to the Sanin (Kakashi actually trembled at the base when confronted by Orochimaru in the classic series), it is possible that he did not overcome his father “in general”.

But only if we consider that Sakumo’s fame was equivalent to his powers …

And you, what do you think? Did Kakashi outdo Sakumo during Naruto Shippuden?

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Naruto Shippuden was shown between the years 2007 and 2017 and counting the second phase of the anime. In it, Naruto returns after two years of training with the mission to fight Akatsuki and then rescue Sasuke from the clutches of Orochimaru.

Altogether, the anime has 500 episodes (including the Naruto Shippuden fillers), and ends the story of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. In addition, the anime sets the stage for the direct continuation of the story.

You can follow Naruto in full on Crunchyroll. In addition to it, the service features classic Naruto and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, its direct continuation.

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