Provost Alan Brown is dead – Obituary – cause of death

East Dunbarton County Council is mourning the death of Dean Alan Brown, who died early on Saturday, November 13, 2021. Provost Brown, 57, was elected to represent the people of Bishopbriggs South in 2017 as a Councillor and was honoured to be elected as Provost of East Dunbartonshire that same year. He served as Cadder and Langbrae Ward from 1999 to 2007 Congressman.

The co-leaders of the council, Andrew Polson and Vaughan Moody, paid tribute to their friends and colleagues. Congressman Poulsen said: “I am deeply saddened by Allen’s death. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Catherine and their sons Alasdale and Andrew. Over the years, Allen and I have been working closely together. , I am honored to regard him as a friend.

“Allen believes that it is a great honour to be a member of Parliament and the Provost of East Dunbartonshire. He worked hard on behalf of his voters and accepted his role as a civic leader, representing Parliament in a series of different activities. And the people of East Dunbartonshire. “The most important thing is that Allen is a family man.

He is loyal to his wife Catherine and his two sons, and he is very proud of them. “He has an important place in the life of East Dunbarton County Council, and many people will mourn his passing.

He will miss it very much.” Senator Moody said: “I pay tribute to my friend and colleague Alan Brown with great sadness. I know many people will be shocked and sad at his young death; Allen is a beloved member of the community. “At this extremely difficult time, my heart is with Catherine, Alasdale, and Andrew.”

City Council Chief Executive Gerry Cornes added: “At this very sad moment, I would like to express my condolences to Catherine, the wife of Dean Brown, and his family and friends. “Provost Brown is a conscientious civil servant who represents his voters, Parliament and the people of East Dunbartonshire in many civic receptions and events, civic ceremonies and major celebrations (such as 100th birthday and golden wedding anniversary) .”

“He is very proud to do so, and the staff of East Dunbarton County Council will remember him deeply.” As a sign of respect, the flag of the Council Headquarters will be lowered at half-mast from Monday, November 15th to Friday, November 19th after the commemoration of the anniversary. Starting Monday, November 15, anyone who wants to pay tribute to the provost can use the online mourning book. The funeral arrangements have not yet been confirmed.

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