Aldo Trujillo dead? Is it real that he was murdered? Whats happened?

MRandom News Aldo Trujillo dead? Is it real that he was murdered? Whats happened?

On Tuesday, March 15, it was announced that Aldo Trujillo had been arrested in Caborca, Sonora, the municipality where he was from. It was also reported that the incident happened last Sunday and his Instagram account has an updated post right now, so it is likely that he has been released.

According to a local media video, the Mexican regional singer was driving under the influence of alcohol when a National Guard patrol asked him to stop.

The 23-year-old Sonora singer was apparently speeding in his truck and Kaboca security officials received an anonymous tip that a Chevrolet Tahoe was allegedly about to hit the road on April 6.

Upon being apprehended by the National Guard, he was taken to the Secretary of State for driving while intoxicated and disobeying several traffic lights.

It should be noted that before his arrest, the singer had been arrested by police officers, and the policemen only asked him to slow down and drive carefully to avoid accidents. In the video broadcast by various local media, Aldo Trujillo is seen answering several questions and admitting his mistakes.

Without getting out of the car, the singer admitted that he was speeding “because he was in a hurry” and although he asked his co-driver to take the truck’s registration card out of the glove compartment, he could not show his driver’s license and someone told him that he asked because he apparently lost it in Miami, USA and “it keeps coming from there”.

Later, GN Elements asked him if he was drinking alcohol, Trujillo replied “apparently”, they also asked him if he was under the influence of any drug, the singer explained “not now”; so he also asked him why he was using drugs. he replied “all, all the drugs that I like”.

The members of the National Guard were reluctant to answer questions and asked him if he knew what he was doing because he was not upset, he called his father with a somewhat arrogant and threatening attitude, because who exclaimed “But in life they are going to pay ”. “give me the money”.

Despite this, Trujillo continued to drink from his bottle during a routine questionnaire, an action captured on video by local media Ariete Caborca. Later, the Sonoran singer-songwriter was transferred to Comando, where he began to insult, attack and even threaten the Sonoran government of Kaborka. “They didn’t act when they should, they lack the ball,” he is heard shouting in another video posted on Twitter.