Alejandra Guzmán would not have disinherited Frida Sofía

According to Enrique Guzmán and the father of his daughter Frida sofia, Alejandra Guzmán would have disinherited this, all within the enormous controversy that the model has with her grandfather whom she accuses of having abused her.

According to what the other protagonists have told, the singer would not leave anything to her daughter, and everything would be for her nephew.

However, the artist would be denying this and with a press release, where he would dismiss what the two men said; However, it should be clarified that she does not mention any particular fact either.

Rockers. We would like to make it absolutely clear that almost everything you have read about Alejandra on the Internet in recent weeks has little or no truth. In fact, since her interview with Adela Micha, Alejandra has not made any comments or taken action of any kind on family matters. Everything that has been published since then is pure invention and in the majority it has not even remotely related to the truth.

Again, ignore all the nonsense people say.

Alejandra is in the studio recording her next album after the success of “Lado Oscuro” and “Primera Y Ultima Vez”. She is also working hard preparing for her virtual concert on July 3 from the National Auditorium, which will have some surprises. And he is preparing his next extensive tour.

He also made sure that the only way to find information about Alejandra Guzmán are the singer’s statements and what was published by the agency itself “All Parts Move Manegement”.

Although this is not saying much, it could deny his father’s version and his ex partner Pablo Moctezuma, could not be true and Frida Sofía would not be out of the singer’s testament.