Video twitter of Aleksey Bychkov Accused of Assaulting a Little Boy – leaked reddit

Aleksey Bychvkov was reportedly a Russian soldier. He is trending on social media right now.

Today, Aleksey Bychvkov’s name is circulating on social media. However, it’s not about positive things. He did a terrible thing to shake people from the bottom of their hearts while also making them hate him.

Soldier Aleksey Bychkov: Who is he?

Look in the face of pure evil. Aleksei Bychkov, russian soldier, has video-taped himself raping a toddler. And then uploaded it in the Telegram. He’s clearly proud of his actions. Do I need to tell you how much encouragement he received for this from other russians?#WarCrime

Aleksey Bychvkov is considered a member of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, no further information about him can be found on the internet.

However, he caused a stir on social media after sharing a video of himself sexually abusing a one-year-old toddler in Ukraine. According to several online users, the video was shared via Telegram.

They claimed he humiliated and trampled on the baby in the video, while calling it a violent video. As a result, he was labelled a pedophile, drawing the ire of netizens.

The tipster who initially revealed his heinous activities also included a link to his VK profile. According to his profile, his current residence is in Stavropol, Krai.

According to a tweet, his current whereabouts are Pobedy Street 22/1, Afipsky, Krasnodar Krai. Also, Kievka is his hometown.

His profile has several photos of himself in military uniform, indicating he is a soldier. However, no action was taken against him, further angering the public.

Aleksey Bychkov’s attack on young children sparked outrage on Twitter.

People sent a series of tweets expressing their anger at Aleksey Bychkov’s alleged attack on young children. People were shocked by what he did and labelled him evil.

They vented their frustrations on social media and tried to track him down by any means possible. Some even claim to know his current whereabouts, but it is unclear whether the information is accurate.

Furthermore, no evidence of government involvement was found. The media did not report the incident. So citizens are doing everything they can to bring this issue to the attention of the media and authorities.

Reddit discussion of Aleksey Bychkov follows
The original Reddit post detailing Aleksey Bychkov’s heinous behavior has been removed. The person said they did not want to post any links to such heinous incidents.

Other users in the network also commented on the topic. Some expressed their outrage, saying that if they were the Russian government, they would immediately execute such soldiers.

Some claim that because karma never fails, criminals will face retribution.