Who is Alexa De Leon? Wiki, Tyler Reddick Wife, Instagram – dead or still alive?

Full-time NASCAR Cup Series competitor Tyler Redick has a girlfriend named Alexa De Leon.

Alexa De Leon Profile

Alexa De Leon is of Dominican descent. Her exact age is unknown, but we can estimate she is currently in her 20s.

She became very popular due to her association with the very famous Taylor Redick. She became famous because photos of her and her boyfriend were circulated online many times.

Her parents are not known because she did not reveal her family details.

One of the things that is special about her is that she always supports her boyfriend when he is in competitions.

tyler redick kids

Tyler Redick and his girlfriend have one child; a son. Alexa De Leon got pregnant in 2019 and made a deal with Tyler Reddick so he could name the baby if she wins the Xfinity title.

Tyler Redick not only won the championship, but also named his son Bo. The child was born on January 18, 2020.

Environmental education is one of the purposes of the Willa Foundation.

One of the great challenges facing the world is dealing with climate change and helping the planet in different ways. To achieve this goal, organizations and leaders around the world have launched projects that support animals or nature.

Tyler Reddick Wife: Meet Alexa De Leon His Girlfriend

MRandom News

This was the case of Alexa de León, a young woman from Huila who, moved by the need to see more trees in her city, created the “Sembratón Opita” foundation in 2019. (Young people have been reforesting Cundinamarca for five years, 50,000 trees and the goal is 1 million!)

“We are an environmental organization in charge of reforestation in the city of Neiva. I am a lawyer with a green heart and out of concern for the protection and preservation of the urban ecosystem, ‘Siembratón Opita’ was born,” Alexa de León told the newspaper La Nación.

The foundation has professional help.

To date, the foundation has successfully planted more than 700 native trees and is supported by environmental and forestry engineers. In addition, her work includes developing a composting workshop and family garden to educate Opitas on the importance of working to protect the environment. (The old Armenian bullring will be a great nursery and environmental axis)

“In 2019 there were some forest fires in Neiva, and an indigenous reservation called La Gabriela via El Caguán, where more than 200 hectares of sugar cane were burned, they lived off it, and other forest fires started, all over the world. We all know what happened in the Amazon, and then we decided to get together as young people to do something, we began to plant trees, people began to support us, and now we are consolidated as a legitimate base, with many people. working together, we are very delighted”, added the young woman in El País.

This year the young woman has a clear objective

The environmental leader is well aware that this year she offers a different opportunity to continue her work. As part of the Arbor Day celebrations in April, the city is expected to host different events. In addition, they will be trained with the company to teach composting workshops and family gardens. (Colombia plans to plant 180 million more trees in the next two years)

“We educate people about caring for the environment, we went to the communities, we went to different communities, we did it in communities like Manzanares, Oasis, El Encenillo, and in many places we left that grain of sand and raised the environmental awareness of the people. “, said the young Opita.