Alexander Zobel videos and photos leaked twitter and Reddit

Paulina “Paow” Danielsson, 27, went on a trip to Mexico about a year ago with her friend Josefin Ottosson. The trip was fraught with parties, days at the beach and visits to cozy restaurants. But another thing also happened … Paow fell in love with the Danish jetset profile Alexander Zobel. The couple met during a night out and have since been inseparable.

During their relationship, the couple has alternated between living in Sweden and Denmark.

But something that has been clear is that Paow did not enjoy Copenhagen at all. Despite the luxurious life with Zobel. This she has written is due to the fact that she has difficulty for the people there and that she has had both drinks thrown at her outside and refused to enter the pub.

But her post about Denmark would become a problem among Zobel’s brother and his friends. When he recently left for Cannes, Paow was not allowed to come along. The reason? She was not invited.

During the week, she has published two photos regarding the problems she had with Instagram. At the same time, she took the opportunity to post another picture on Snapchat. And it has now stirred up some thoughts in her followers.