Alhaja Kaola viral video leaked on reddit and twitter, whats happened

Alhaja Kaola is a popular Islamic radio host and media personality. Her full name is Alhaja Kafilat Rufai Kaola and she is known for hosting the Islamic show Albayan with Alhaja Kaola on Fresh FM in Ibadan.

According to reports, Alhaja Kafilat Kaola was born on July 6, 1971 and will be 50 years old in March 2022. She is a Yoruba woman from Ibadan, Oyo State.

Alhaja Kaola’s career?

Alhaja Kaola is not only a popular radio host, but also a successful businesswoman. She owns a communications company called Kaola Communications and is the CEO of Kaola Travel and Tours. Alhaja Kaola was previously married to Alhaji Sharafdeen aka Sharafa but this marriage ended in 2019. Her marriage to Sharafa lasted six years and they have five children. Alhaja Kaola is remarried and her new husband is Alhaji Kassim Ayanmo.

A few days ago, a salacious video of Alhaja Kaola giving oral sex to an unknown man was leaked online. The video sparked a strong reaction in the Yoruba media. Alhaja Kaola later confirmed that she was the one in the video and accused her ex-husband, Alhaji Sharafdeen, also known as Sharafa, of being behind the leak.

She said Alhaji Sharafdeen blackmailed her and threatened to publish nude photos and videos of her. She said her ex-husband, now living abroad, was jealous of her achievements and threatened to bring her down. She said Salafa took the video when they were still young. Alhaja Kaola is also accused of stealing her sister’s husband when her own marriage fell apart. The presenter’s new husband, Mr. Ayanmo, was allegedly previously linked to Alhaja Kaola’s sister, Maryam Rufai.

In response to allegations that her sister’s husband was kidnapped, Alhaja Kaola has denied everything, claiming the reports were fabricated to tarnish her reputation. Alhaja Kaola and her ex-husband Alhaji Sharafdeen aka Sharafa have five children together. It is unclear whether Alhaja Kaola and her new husband have or plan to have more children.