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The millionaire ex-student who earns six figures a month as an OnlyF model says an “angel” visited her in a dream and told her it was “the right way”. Alice Owen, 24, describes herself as a witch and says people have been talking to her in dreams since childhood.

The Canadian-born model said she foresaw her father’s tragic murder at the age of 12. She told the Daily Star that she studied psychology before making a dramatic career change, starting with webcam modelling, as OnlyF didn’t exist at the time.

She found the decision to take such a big step difficult, but has never looked back since. She said: “I was a student and decided to give up what I was doing and work full time in the adult industry.

“I had my doubts because I was a good student, but I felt it was my mission to get into the adult industry, and I did – and I don’t regret it. Angel came to visit me and was fine in my dreams.

“She said to me, ‘I know the world will tell you it was the wrong decision, but you’re on the right track’.”

This is an unusual dream, even for a witch, as she puts it, usually “dead people I know, like grandparents or parents” to visit her.

Still, she followed the angel’s advice and made millions. “I’m not from a wealthy family, I’m from a poor family,” she explained.

“I went from zero to millionaire, from 18 to 24.” Alice previously opened up about her time leading an online “Seven Deadly Sins” cult in which men were willing to pay up to $100,000 ($7.6 million pounds) just to hear them speak.

A feature of their worship is an “anniversary” period in which believers present gifts to their leaders in honor of their second birthday.

“Someone once tipped me $20,000 (£15,300). Another person donated over $100,000 in a month,” she said.

She also turned down a £600,000 offer from a famous billionaire who wanted to film her sex videos, a decision that she now earns.

The adult star said: “When you realize your potential, you can attract more people – it has happened.