Cuban actress and rumbera Amalia Aguilar dead – cause of death

Amalia Aguilar has just left us, actress, singer, and Cuban dancer who shared with Mexico and Mexicans the grace and joy of the island. She was one of the essentials in the so-called golden age of Mexican cinema. The forgetfulness of her wanted to mark the last years of her but it was not possible

The family of the famous actress Amalia Aguilar from the golden age of Mexican cinema announced her death in Mexico, where she lived until the last days. At dawn on Tuesday, November 9, Amalia Aguilar died in Mexico at the age of 97. Although the cause of her death is unknown, it was the actress’s family who reported the news. “Today we want to say goodbye to mothers, grandmothers and actresses, but the most important thing is friends.

May your light touch the lives of all those who vibrate in your heart, thank you for being our guide and strength. He will always be his son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, “wrote Rumbera’s family on their Facebook account. Amalia Isabel Rodríguez Carriera, the dancer’s real name, was born in Cuba on July 3, 1924; however, she consolidated her career in Mexico , where he acquired nationality and lived until his last days.

She started her career in her home country when she was a child; he came to Mexico in 1944 and made his first appearance in the movie Perverted two years later. He became one of the most important characters in the film subgenre called “Rumberas”. He has produced more than 25 films, including two that I know, said that I am a womanizer, with a love in each port, a sweet pumpkin and my three happy widows, to name a few.

In 1947, he made his Hollywood debut with producer Howard Hughes’s “Stupid Night”, among them, he shared a prominent honor with star Evelyn West. However, he did not want to work in that industry, but preferred to continue his career in Aztec land.

She married the Peruvian doctor Raúl Beraún de Bedoya, and they both had three children, Daphne, Raúl and Jorge. After her husband died in a plane crash, Amalia Aguilar left the show.

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