Amazing! Gamer finds unprecedented region of Mexico in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption

UNITED STATES.- One of the most popular games by Rockstar games it is undeniably “Red Dead Redemption 2”. Its expansion and content, such as the online section, have unleashed the fury on the part of the fans. But recently, a gamer has found (appeared) in an unpublished region of Mexico, which has caused the madness in social networks.

In this sense, of course the various theories and rumors about what this area of ​​the video game could mean have started to skyrocket. But all this has been based on Reddit, as a player named “u / hahfooni” shared a video where he shows the amazing finding. In this way, the unreleased region of Red Dead Online explores the old west and speculation has skyrocketed.

The gamer appeared in Mexico and is said to be a region that is not currently available in the game, but in the original game (Red Dead Redemption) it is. Thus, the video shows that said user found the region within the title when completing a reward. Within the game there was already the San Luis River; in this area, normally the players should not be.

In this context, u / hahfooni did not explore this area much, but you can see how it is not part of the video game. On the other hand, it has not been notified if this “appearance” by the gamer is a programming error, which is usually common, or if we are facing a new title that will arrive soon. In addition, it is speculated that it could have been the Rockstar games the one in charge of the filtration.

This would not be at all unreasonable if we consider that the developer has been strongly and constantly supporting “Red Dead Online”. Therefore, everything could indicate that the bets by Rockstar Games are focused on this video game to fill it with content and can continue to grow exponentially, as has happened with its star title: GTA Online.