Amazing! “It’s a Big Paradigm Shift”: An Amazing Jupiter Mystery Revealed

UNITED STATES.- A study by a group of specialists from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks has revealed the mystery of the polar auroras from Jupiter. This finding has been thanks to an animation where it is specified that in the gas giant they occur in the polar areas, something that does not happen on Earth. Therefore, the scientific community has been surprised by the amazing discovery.

In this way, it was explained that this particularity can be detailed by the magnetic field of Jupiter, according to the explanations of this team. In this sense, let us remember that auroras are emissions of particles that are charged and that precipitate the atmosphere from space. But in the gas giant the auroras do not have “dark areas”, but it has been specified that their distribution is not uniform either.

For this reason, University of Alaska in Fairbanks he has resorted to a computer animation in order to reach a conclusion. The magnetosphere that is best configured to the planet is in which the polar region can combine the open and closed magnetic lines. This based on the observations of Jupiter that, without a doubt, have begun to go around the world.

Source: NASA JPL on Twitter.

“It never crossed my mind. I don’t think anyone in the community could have imagined this solution. However, this simulation has produced it. […] For me, this is a huge paradigm shift in the way we understand magnetospheres, ”revealed Peter Delamere from UAF and one of the authors of the study published in the journal Science Advances.

“We as a community tend to be polarized, whether open or closed, and we couldn’t imagine a solution where it was a bit of both. However, in hindsight, that is exactly what the aurora was revealing to us, ”added the specialist. Finally, the causes of this configuration remain open, so Peter Delamer ruled that the finding “raises many questions about how the solar wind interacts with the magnetosphere of Jupiter and influences the dynamics ”.

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