Amazing! NASA captures terrifying sounds of Venus

UNITED STATES.- Amazingly, the sParker solar wave of the POT has captured terrifying sounds coming from Venus. Therefore, it has been reported that after a flyby of 517 miles from the planet’s surface, this probe is traveling 4 million from the surface of the planet. Sun. Given this, the community that loves astronomy has been surprised and it is not for less.

In this sense, the POT It has detailed that overflights have been made so that you can reduce your speed and, with it, do not get lost. Similarly, sounds that have been labeled creepy have been reported to come from the upper atmosphere of Venus. In addition, the radio signal has paid for the scientific team to study its atmosphere.

Therefore, it was mentioned that the radio signal could be captured when the Parker solar probe was flying over the planet and was already in its return phase to study the Sun. Likewise, it has been noted that this flight has been the closest to the astro that has been effected. Meanwhile, it is important to note that it was launched by NASA in 2018 to be able to study the star.

Its arrival is estimated to be 4.3 miles from the center of the Sun by the year 2025. Thus, the natural radio signal revealed that the spacecraft had flown through the atmosphere of Venus. Thus, it was only 517 miles from the surface and with this it has been possible to have the first direct measurement of the atmosphere in almost 30 years and everything indicates that it is completely different from what was believed.

On the other hand, studies have shown that the atmosphere of Venus undergoes puzzling changes during a solar cycle (11 years). Finally, one of the questions that is expected to be revealed is the reason why the Earth and Venus are so different despite being born by a similar process. In the case of the second, it lacks a magnetic field and its surface burns at high temperatures, enough to melt the lead.