Amazing! New theory emerges of how the Universe is made up

UNITED STATES.- Recently, a study by the University of Copenhagen which refers to the expansion of the Universe given by a dark substance with a magnetic force. Therefore, if true, this means that the dark energyAs such, it does not exist, so it could be an astonishing find given the magnitude of this claim.

In this sense, let us remember that at present it is asserted that the Universe is 70 percent composed of dark energy; substance that makes it possible for it to expand at an extremely accelerated rate. But the novel study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark states that dark energy would actually be a form of magnetic forces.

“If what we discover is accurate, it would change our belief, what we think made up 70% of the universe doesn’t really exist. We have removed dark energy from the equation and added a few more properties for dark matter. This appears to have the same effect on the expansion of the universe as dark energy, ”revealed Professor Steen Harle Hansen at the DARK Center for Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Source: Pixabay.

Likewise, it was explained that there is still much to understand on this subject and his research team is seeking to verify this theory based on various factors, which would be something really historical. Even Hansen himself assured that this could be just a coincidence, but it would change the understanding that one has about the composition of the Universe and the reason why it expands.

“According to our current knowledge, our ideas about dark matter with a type of magnetic force and the idea about dark energy are just as wild. Only the most detailed observations will determine which of these models is the most realistic. Therefore, it will be incredibly exciting to test our result again, ”said Steen Harle Hansen, co-author of this research.

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