Amazing! This is NASA’s new find on Mars that opens the possibility that it is habitable

UNITED STATES.- The POT continues on its mission for Mars and has recently revealed an astonishing find. This is the probability that salts and organic compounds exist on the Red Planet. These could be evidence of geological processes and even remnants of microbial life. Thus, it has been speculated that possibly our neighbor is a habitable potential.

The above was based on the fact that on Earth there are some organisms that use organic salts such as oxalates and acetates to have energy. This research was carried out by the organic geochemist James MT Lewis. Also, it has already been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. But there is still an obstacle to be able to detect them on the ground of Mars.

Likewise, the experiments have been carried out in Lewis’ laboratory and through analysis of data from the Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM), a small laboratory inside the Curiosity helicopter. But to reveal the composition of the samples, the SAM heats the soil and the simple gases that are released could be produced by other ingredients and not by organic salts and this is the most difficult to reveal.

On the other hand, in order for NASA to find past extraterrestrial life, these organic molecules and traces of salt must be found. While it is true that both Curiosity and SAM are in great effort to identify the chemical structure of the soil, the data is sent to Earth and must be analyzed by Lewis and his team in order to reconstruct broken organic pieces.

Recall that in 2018 Jennifer L. Eigenbrode, astrobiologist from the POT, commanded the Curiosity mission and carbon molecules were detected. “The fact that there is organic matter conserved in 3 billion-year-old rocks, and we find it on the surface, is a very promising sign that we might be able to harness more information from better-preserved samples below the surface.” said the expert.