Who is Anastasia Litvin? Photos and videos leaked onlyf and reddit

Anastasia Litvin insists she doesn’t regret switching motorsports for p0rn. The 27-year-old wanted to be a star in the sport but decided to make a big change in 2019.

The Australian last competed in the V8 supercar championship in 2017, but now she’s taking her pulse on a new career at OnlyF, which nets her a six-figure monthly salary.

Renee told SunSport: “It’s hard to perform well when you don’t raise enough money to get into a top team. Plus — training, good food, consistent looks and performance.

“I had to keep proving myself as a woman. I had to deal with a lot more negative comments than these guys got. Unfortunately, for most of the time I lost my passion, I had to be in a male-dominated sport and in a negative environment.

“I want to get out. I’m in a bad state of mind, I’m depressed, I’m sad, I hate where I am.”

Gracie is unlikely to return to the sport after switching careers.