Who is @aceitoso01 Andra Escamilla? the leaked videos and photos of his pack on Twitter

Who is @aceitoso01 Andra Escamilla? the leaked videos and photos of his pack on Twitter

Mexican singer @aceitoso01 is feeling the heat on social media. He must have realized the damage to his masculinity caused by the leaking of his obscene recordings. Yes, you read carefully. A video of the singer went viral on social networks and caused a stir. According to people familiar with the matter, a s3xy video of the artist has drawn a lot of attention. The singer, for her part, has not yet answered the question. See full details here.

Filtered Video Pack by @aceitoso01

MRandom News Who is @aceitoso01 Andra Escamilla? the leaked videos and photos of his pack on Twitter

Andra Escamilla, a non-binary young man who went viral long ago after asking to be properly named, reminded his followers and those against digital violence that a private online video was leaked on social media. Clips are required to be reported by non-binary people and are not a typical crime under Olympic law.

It was through her social network that Andra Escamilla – who went viral a few months ago by asking to be called “compañera” instead of “partner” – became a victim of digital violence because intimate photos were leaked without her consent.

We recommend: ‘I was harassed’: The non-binary young woman who went viral for the phrase ‘I’m your partner’ resurfaces; she clarifies what happened The clip was illegally obtained from the ‘Fansly’ platform, according to her testimony El-a page similar to OnlyFans. She asks for it and if they see it, they report it and don’t share it.

“Hello, they uploaded a Fansly video to Twitter and Facebook, and possibly Reddit and Telegram, and a platform, so if you see it, please report it,” said Andra Escamilla. In early April, Andra announced that she would be uploading adult content to her Fansly page.

However, despite the fact that your content is private, it is not allowed to spread, market or consume videos shared with specific people, because if so, it constitutes a crime of digital violence, thanks to the Olympia law. Under Olympia law, the following is a violation of sexual intimacy: “Recording, recording, photographing, or making a real or simulated video of intimate sexual content without the consent or deception of another person.

Disseminate, distribute, disseminate, display, reproduce, transmit, market, offer, exchange and share images, audios of private content of a person through printed materials, emails, telephone messages, social networks, knowingly and without consent or video or any technical means”.