Andrea Brillantes tiktok trending today – ‘On the Job’ of HBO

Andrea Brillantes has released a promotional video for her latest project “On the Job”. In the video, she talked about her character Diane from hers, which thrilled fans with her performance.

She said On The Job will premiere as a six-part series on HBO GO on September 12. Fans can also visit HBO Asia’s Facebook or Instagram to see the full cast.

Andrea Brillantes ‘On the Job’ 

The franchise’s journey from the Venice Film Festival competition space to the HBO series is the theme of Thursday’s Venice Production Bridge Conference, “From the Philippines to the World:” Franchise in Action “and Exploring New forms of global content distribution “.

At the market cocktail party on Thursday evening, Erik Matti described how he managed to keep his film to three hours and 28 minutes and was screened at the film festival, and put the film Divided into Six Parts from the previous “On Job”, used for HBO.

The series premiered on HBO in Asia on Sunday, two days after the film was screened in Venice. He said that the six events of the film festival in the film version will be followed soon and announced soon.

The filmmaker sent the project to HBO and the result was an innovative solution for series and films made with the same materials.

To produce a six-part series for HBO with the first film and the second film, Marty reinserted the cut footage from the first film to create four main characters instead of one.

Marty’s “On the Job” premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Fortnight. Though largely ignored by Filipino audiences, he said: “Once Netflix bought it for the United States, it became a great success. Then the unloading in the Philippines began. “

Marty said: “We treated this like a movie. It was never intended to be a series. When we finished it, it was March 28th. Theaters were closed. We asked where we could send it. Venice got a good response. It turned into a great bargaining tool for HBO. We were very interested in HBO’s legacy, even though a bidding war started after Venice took over, so we took it there. “

Meanwhile, in Venice, discussing the films here and the new incentives introduced in the Philippines, is Liza Diño, president and CEO of the Film Development Commission of the Philippines (FDCP).

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