Andrea Brillantes scandal leaked, photos and videos in reddit and twitter

The “Say Goodbye” star shared photos to mark the occasion, greeting her followers, “Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

In the photo, Brillantes is wearing a custom Job Dacon animal print gown dubbed the “Tiger Queen” with a lion’s mane-like hairstyle.

At the time of the shoot, Brillantes was shot by BJ Pascual, Eldzs Mejia styled, Raymond Santiago hair, and Marben Talanay makeup.

Brillantes, 18, is expected to detail the inspiration for the pictorial in an upcoming episode of “Muse,” Pascual’s YouTube series featuring his celebrity shoots.

Brillantes has previously headlined her past pictorials to mark special occasions, notably her 18th birthday and Halloween last March.

Her photos were taken by Bj Pascual, who came up with the “Hide and Seek Ball A Little Late” theme for their latest photo shoot.

Pascual said he will feature Brillantes in an upcoming vlog.

Meanwhile, netizens raved about the stunning photo of Brillantes, who shared the same pose in their version of the Spring Festival print dress.

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