Andres Castaneda dead and obituary, Whats happened?

Bogota Colombia). Interdisciplinary artist, actor, performer and director. He has a Master’s in Performing Arts from the Francisco José de Caldas University and a Master’s in Theater and Live Arts from the National University of Colombia. With a scholarship at the Faculty of Music of the same university, he is the stage director of the Opera Studio. Since 2002 he has joined the Mapa Teatro Laboratorio de Artistas as an actor, performer and researcher. He developed his work in theater, film and television. His most recent film performance was the lead role in Un rabón con corazón.

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In the cinematographic field, he has worked on the feature films and productions Familia (2019) by Jorge Forero, Los fierros (2018) by Pablo González, El Árbol Rojo (2018) by Johan Gómez, Siete Cabezas (2017) by Jaime Osorio, El fin of the World (2016) by Tim Singer, Dark Room (2016) by Federico Durán, Violencia (2015) by Jorge Forero, Before the Fire (2015) by Laura Mora, Ella (2015) by Libia Gómez, The Potato Cartel (2015) by Jaime Escallón, El faro (2013) by Pacho Bottía, Roa (2013) Andy Baíz, Conciencia (2012) by Sorany Marín, El páramo (2011) by Jaime Osorio, Nochebuena (2008) by Camila Loboguerrero, Finding Miguel (2007) Hu Love in The Times of Cholera (2007) by Juan Fisher and Mike Newell.

He has also worked on the series Frontera Verde (2019) directed by Ciro Guerra, Laura Mora and Jaques Toulemonde for Netflix, The Hidden Truth (2019) by Jorge Ali and Rodrigo Triana for RCN Television, La Gloria de Lucho (2019) Search Block by Olga Lucía Rodríguez for Caracol TV, Israel Sánchez and Rodrigo Lalinde for Sony Pictures, La tusa, los Hombres (2016) Carlos Moreno and Laura Mora for Caracol TV, Las esmeraldas (2015) by Luis Alberto Restrepo for Caracol TV and Where Is Elisa ? (2012) Directed by Rodrigo Triana for RCN TV.