Who is Andrew Symonds wife? Who is Brooke Symonds?

Here’s what we know about Brooke Symonds, former partner of Andrew Symond.

Who is Andrew Symonds?

Andrew Symonds was born on June 9, 1975 in England. Andrew is a former Australian international cricketer who has played in all three forms as a batsman. He was a key member of two world championship teams.

MRandom News Who is Andrew Symonds wife? Who is Brooke Symonds?

Symonds played as an intermediate right-hand batsman, alternating between moderate speed and non-spin bowling. He is also known for his excellent field skills.

Since mid-2008, he has mostly been away from the team for disciplinary reasons, including alcoholism. [1] In June 2009, he was sent home from World Twenty20 2009 for his third suspension, disqualification or disqualification in a year.

His central contract was subsequently rescinded, with many cricket analysts speculating that Australian managers would no longer tolerate him and that Symonds could announce his retirement

He was an integral part of two world championship teams. Symonds hits the ball at moderate speed and deflects as a right-handed hitter. He is also known for his excellent field skills.

Brooke Symonds: Is she Andrew Symonds’ wife?

Andrew Symonds is married to his partner Brooke Symonds.

As for reports, both Andrew and Brooke have only been married for a year. In 2005, he divorced his ex-wife Brooke. He is said to have three children. Andrew Symonds has children of his own. First, her daughter’s name is Chloe Symonds. They also appear to have a son, but his name is not known.

However, they severed ties for undisclosed personal reasons.

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Likewise, their wiki is kept away from the public.

What is Brooke Symonds’ Net Worth?

Brooke Symonds’ net worth has not been estimated. As her main job has not been disclosed, we cannot guarantee how she earns a living.

On the other hand, Brooke Symonds partner Andrew Symonds has a net worth of $10 million.

His main source of income is an Australian international cricketer.

Likewise, Andrew Symonds is involved in various brand endorsement deals, which also represent his passive income.