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The 90-day fiance star Jorge Nava has no bad feelings about his ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko. ET and Jorge talked about their relationship today, and the camera captured their precarious relationship in the hit season 4 of the TLC franchise.

Jorge and Anfisa met on Facebook. Anfisa from Russia came to the United States to be with Jorge from Riverside, California, even though his family feared that she would use him to make money. The two eventually tied the knot, but after Jorge was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for possession of marijuana in 2018, their relationship changed. In the episode of 90 Days of Fiance: Self-Isolation aired in April 2020, Jorge showed his amazing weight loss and introduced his marital status.

He said that Anfisa told him that after he was sentenced to prison for two months, she could no longer be with him. He was heartbroken when he learned that she had a new boyfriend online. Jorge was released from prison in May 2020, and in August he filed for divorce after three years of marriage. No matter how their marriage ended, Jorge said he wished her all the best. The last time he heard her voice was through a phone call to finalize the divorce.

“I really don’t have any hatred or bad feelings towards her…because everything I experienced gave me what I have now,” he told Melicia Johnson of ET. “I have no regrets.” Jorge admitted that some fans criticized that he was only with Anfisa for her appearance. “I do think this is true, but at the same time, I am at a certain moment in my life when I am experiencing other situations, business problems, but my whole way of thinking is not where I should be,” he Reflect road. “I fell into a trap that I thought was love, and my decision was not the best.

I think I am chasing love to supplement what I missed, you know, the rest of my self-worth, I should change my place. ” “I mean, I wish her all the best,” he added what he was going to tell her today. “I hope everything goes well for her, that’s all I can really say.” He did share that it felt good to have her name tattoo removed on his left ring finger, which he recorded on an Instagram live broadcast. “It feels like the last part of the relationship I need to complete,” he said. “I think that is the last weight on my shoulders.” These days, Jorge has a happy relationship with his girlfriend Roda, and the two welcomed a baby girl Zara last month. Jorge said his father was “remarkable”, and he described his relationship with Roda as “perfect”.

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