Angela Aguilar leaked onlyf? Did your pack on twitter and reddit? her photos with Gussy Lau!

The relationship of the young woman with the composer Gussy Lau, 33, was confirmed this Thursday after a photo of the supposed boyfriend of the singer Ángela Aguilar went viral.

Until now, the couple preferred to remain silent on the subject, however, a few hours ago, in his conversation with a journalist from the United States, the singer-songwriter confirmed that he is the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty in the relationship.

In addition, the musician revealed that contrary to initial speculation, he and Angela have been dating for a short time and, although they barely know each other, his family is on board.

The singer explained that he did not intend to talk about it, but he felt compelled to defend Angela after he received dozens of manly messages insulting her girlfriend after the photo came to light.

He stressed that he had little interest in clinging to the reputation of his girlfriend, even clarifying that he did not need it, since as a composer he was a two-time Grammy winner and worked with Christian Nordahl and Pepe Aguilar and other important cooperation. of artists.

Many of his fans and friends have shared words of comfort with him at this unfortunate time in his life.

“Come on, beautiful, you are an exemplary woman, you do not need to explain your life or your love, the people who are really with you are because of your talent and your angels, those people do not need explanations and those that your people demand do not deserve it. Keep shining,” said Jhonny Caz.