Angela Mckenzie dead and obituary, shooting in Calgary leaves bystander

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A woman has died after a street fight resulted in a four-car crash, police said.

The Calgary Police Service said it received reports Tuesday night of an exchange of fire between two erratic vehicles in the city’s northeast. At least two homes were hit by stray bullets, according to police.

Support Scott Boyd said the two vehicles — a red Silverado truck and a grey Volkswagen Jetta sedan — continued to chase each other before colliding with two other vehicles at the intersection.

“The occupants of the truck and limo continued to open fire as they fled the area on foot,” Boyd said at a news conference Wednesday.

The driver of a silver van, a 40-year-old woman who was not involved in the shooting, was pronounced dead at the scene. Boyd said the cause of death will be determined through an autopsy.

Family and friends have identified the woman as Angela McKenzie, a mother of five. Between the ages of nine and seventeen. Her father died earlier this year and they said it was unclear who was looking after her.

“I’m sure we’ll hear more tragic details in the coming days,” Boyd said, adding that he believed she was a “truly innocent victim.”

The driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision was not injured.

Boyd said the man driving the gray sedan was spotted by police. He suffered gunshot wounds and was taken to hospital, where he remained stable.

“Two passengers of Silverado – a man and a woman – fled the area in an unknown direction,” he said.

Police said they were not found.