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Series Animal Crossing Ankha video Zone Original Video Full Details – zone tan ankha music

Ankha Zone is a viral video featuring Ankha, the character from Animal Crossing. Ankha dances in a very strange way. The music of this song in the video is fascinating. The ankha zone video was called Zone because it was created by the artist Zone. The reason for its viral spread lies in its clear content. Artist Zone currently has 188,000 followers on Twitter, 83,000 followers on Twith, and 531,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Series Animal Crossing Ankha video Zone Original Video Full Details – zone tan ankha music

Ankha is a feline villager from the “Animal Crossing” series. Except for “Animal Forest”, “Wild World” and “Pocket Camp”, she appears in all games. She appeared on Urban Folk Songs and Xin Ye. She is considered an islander in “Animal Forest +”, “Animal Crossing” and “Animal Forest e +”. The name Ankha comes from the Egyptian word “Ankh” and also comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph “life”.

Ankha’s Japanese name is “Nile”. The Nile River means the African river where many Egyptians settled. Her German name for hers is “Kleo” which is an abbreviation for “Kleopatra, which is the name of the queen of Egypt”. Ankha, as an islander from Animal Crossing, likes cherries, but she is allergic to apples.

Ankha wears a bright yellow jacket with navy blue stripes and wears a navy blue eyeliner similar to the Egyptians.

Ankha initially wore a pink Aloha shirt when she was considered an islander, in City Folk and New Leaf, she wore a mummy shirt, and in New Horizons, she wore a palace tank costume. She wears an Egyptian headdress similar to the crown of Nemes, with a cobra called “Uraeus”, which symbolizes the royal family of Egypt in history. In City Folk, Ankha’s headdress includes a beetle attraction instead of a cobra image.

Ankha has a cocky personality, which means that she likes makeup and gossip. As an arrogant villager, Anka will first appear rude and arrogant in the direction of the participants, usually speaking of herself and her personal experiences. She also talked about the models and appearances of different villagers, usually different villagers, who are like ordinary villagers, energetic and different arrogant villagers.

She will quickly become as enthusiastic as the participants, confiding in them her emotions, but maintaining a subtle rudeness. Ankha will not meet lazy villagers because they don’t care about your appearance or because they hate what you eat. She will not meet with villagers who like sports because they will interrogate her body. Look, they’re usually not afraid of fashion.

The video begins with the message, “This is a tribute to an animation of Ankha by Minus8.” Also, he has a conversation between Ankha and Yeh.

Ankha: “You came, didn’t you? I won’t get mad, just tell me the truth “

Yeh: “Me, not a furry …”

Ankha: “Peasant, I’m not close to finishing yet… So neither are you, peasant.

Yeh: Yes, queen, you are literally a cat.

-End of conversation-

The video begins where Ankha dances in a compromising position. The Ankha Zone video link is below but is censored due to YouTube policy.

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