Who is Anna Delvey? Whats happened to the fake German heiress who swindled New York’s elite?

Inventing Anna: Who is Anna Delway? Fake German heiress who cheated on New York’s elite.

New Netflix series Inventing Anna stars Julia Garner as either Anna Delway or Anna Sorokin, a young woman who invents a fake socialite role to defraud her while living an upscale New York life. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is currently in a US prison awaiting deportation.

When Anna Sorokin went on trial in New York in the spring of 2019, accused of defrauding hotels, banks and other members of Manhattan’s elite of hundreds of thousands of dollars, she reportedly hired a stylist to make sure she looked like the character.

For years, Sorokin was known as Anna Delvi, a wealthy German heiress with a penchant for expensive wine, private jets and designer clothes. She has become a social media sensation; even during her court hearing, an Instagram account documents her outfits — a mix of designer and high street, and always her signature thick-framed glasses — throughout .

Despite facing conviction, the glamorous Manhattan socialite role she created for herself never seemed to fade. Prosecutors say Sorokin stole from others while pretending she had a fortune of €60m (£51m) – lured her into the upper echelons of society through multiple scams in 2016 and 2017. It’s affordable to finance a life she shouldn’t be able to live.

Sentenced to between four and 12 years in prison, she was released in February 2021 for good behavior given the time she served after her arrest in 2017. However, a few months later, she was again detained by immigration officials. Now in her 30s, she is currently awaiting deportation to Germany.

A new Netflix series, starring Ozark star and Emmy winner Julia Garner, dramatizes her story. According to a New York Magazine reporter’s 2018 investigation of Sorokin, the series is all “entirely real,” the trailer promises — “except for the completely fictional parts.”

Sorokin was born in Russia and moved to Germany with his family as a teenager. After finishing her studies, she spent time in London and Paris before introducing New York to “Anna Delvi” in 2013. She claimed that her father was a diplomat or oil tycoon and that she was the heir to his wealth. In fact, he was a former truck driver who ran a heating and cooling business, according to New York Magazine.

She sneaks into the city’s best parties and high-end hotels, promises funds are in the works, and uses generous cash tips to convince employees that she’s good for it.

Prosecutors said Sorokin used fake bank statements to seek a £16m loan from a bank to finance a private art club she wanted to open in Manhattan. While this was rejected, she did persuade a bank to give her a £74,000 loan – and used around £22,000 of it to pay overdue bills at the stylish 11 Howard hotel where she lived.

The fraudsters also deposited blank cheques worth £11,000 in an account at the signature bank and managed to withdraw £6,000 in cash before they bounced back, using fake wire transfer receipts to defraud victims.

All told, prosecutors charged her with stealing £202,000, including her failure to pay a £26,000 bill for a charter flight at the multinational Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

Prosecutor Katherine McCaw said at the time that she was eventually arrested in 2017 and “to the best of our knowledge there is no money to her name”.

‘I was shocked by the depth of the deception’

At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found Sorokin guilty of four counts of grand larceny and four counts of theft of service.

A jury acquitted her of two counts, one of which accused her of promising a friend a full-cost trip to Morocco and then leaving her a bill of £45,000. She was also acquitted of one of the most serious charges in the indictment: attempting to steal more than £730,000 from City National Bank.

What did Sorokin say to Inventor Anna?

The series was created and produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Justice) and was inspired by a 2018 New York Magazine article, Anna by Jessica Pressler How Anna Delvey tricked New York party people.

Anna Chlumsky (Vice President, My Girl) plays a fictional version of a reporter named Vivian Kent.

Sorokin, who wrote an article for news site Insider ahead of its publication, said she had paid compensation — highlighting a report that she used money the streaming platform paid her to do so.

However, she said she would not watch while in custody.

“Seeing a fictional version of myself in this criminal asylum setting doesn’t sound appealing to me at all, even if I’m going to pull some strings and make it happen,” she wrote.

“I’ve been hoping for a long time that my life can go on when Inventing Anna comes out. I think the show is a wrap-up and wrap-up of a long chapter that has come to an end.

“After nearly four years of phone conversations and interviews, the show is based on my story and told from a journalist’s perspective. While I’d love to know how they interpret all the research and material presented, I can’t help but feel It was Zhuge Liang after the fact.”

As part of the show’s research, Garner visited Sorokin in prison and spent hours watching tapes of interviews with the women she portrayed.

Speaking to Sky News Backstage Entertainment podcast co-host Stevie Wong, the actress said she wanted to ask a lot of questions, but had to find a balance.

“Obviously there are certain questions I want to ask Anna, but you also want to feel it because they are sensitive issues and… you don’t want to go too far. But I kind of expected she wouldn’t go just because Anna is a very personal person, And doesn’t give all the information about herself in some way, so give answers to certain questions. But I really didn’t expect any answers. I just wanted to see what her energy was like and her spirit. “

Garner said she chose not to record their meetings or take notes. “I kind of wanted to go in and not log anything, not log anything, because as soon as someone feels like they’re being watched or seen, the dynamic changes — even if it’s because it’s Ana, and I mean anyone, there’s a momentary sifting.

“I just want her to feel comfortable talking to me…I just want her to be as unfiltered as possible.”

Garner said she was “intimidated by how lively Sorokin was”. However, she said her mood could change: “There were times when she spoke very softly, but then she went from light to dark in seconds.

“I think it’s an interesting combination of things that makes things more confusing. But at the same time, it’s also more meaningful — why she’s able to do what she does.”

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