Are the Real Madrid elections canceled? Florentino Pérez, close to a new mandate

The Real Madrid He gave dates for the candidacies for the presidency of the white club to be presented. From April 3 to 12, candidates will have the chance to do so. The last friday, Florentino Pérez he presented his and it was approved by the Electoral Board. In the event that there is an opponent, said instance will give the date and place of the voting. However, everything seems to indicate that Pérez will repeat his term.

According to different journalists, Radio Estadio assured that “There is no opposition to Florentino Pérez. There will be no elections. For the fourth consecutive time, the current president of Real Madrid will maintain his position without the need to vote, “he said. Everything seems to indicate that things will remain intact in the White House with an ambitious project ahead.

«The Electoral Board, in accordance with the provisions of article 38 of the bylaws, has agreed to call elections for President and Board of Directors. This Electoral Board, under the provisions of Article 40 of the aforementioned bylaws, makes public said convocation and the beginning of the electoral process, which will take place in accordance with the following calendar and basic rules, “said the Real Madrid in a report.


As expected, a debate was generated among the fans: «Dictatorship, it is not the first time that it has happened in Spain and some do not even realize it, and who is really going to oppose it? Florentino is the right president for Madrid, although by health if this re-election should be his last term, there is no one qualified to preside over the largest club in the world like the late Santiago Bernabéu and Florentino Pérez with all and some of their faults, the truth”.

Some defended their president tooth and nail: “Even if the suitors had enough money they would not be an obstacle either, historically the candidates for president of the club have been pure mediocrity, this year was not going to be any different, I am a libertarian but the only dictatorship that I like It is that of Uncle Florentino », some of the comments that support the leader.

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