Are they closing it ?: Rafael dos Anjos asks for an immense fight for him in the UFC soon

In these hours, Rafael dos Anjos, extraordinary Brazilian fighter from UFC, asked another star for his next match. On social networks, the aforementioned made it clear with whom he wants to see faces in his next battle, exciting the fans of Mixed Martial Arts. In that sense, we will have to wait to see if it happens, but, for the moment, it seeks to tempt Dana White.

It would clearly be one of the best contests of this 2021, although there would also be great difficulty for him. Considering that you dream of Justin gaethje, dos Anjos wrote on Twitter: “Guess who has the highest ranking available? I’m on it. Send me the contract. In turn, days ago, he said: “It’s just a matter of me having a good fight, and I’m going to look great, I’m sure. Of course I want to fight for the title, so if that title is vacant, since the champion retired, I was the last one.

In addition, Raphael he dictated: “So being a true champion, as a linear champion once, I think the fight with Dustin (Poirier) would make sense. I know there are some guys ahead of me in qualifying, but whatever. I’ll be ready. I’ll make sure I’m ready if something happens, someone gets hurt. I’ll make sure to prepare my body and be ready to go and seize any opportunity that comes my way.

What Gaethje thinks

On the other hand, Gaethje He highlighted days ago: «Who knows, man. I can’t talk about it much right now, I’m sure talking about it in the past is why I’m here. Who knows? Maybe I pissed off someone. I do not know. All I know is that since I was 12, 13, I listened to Dana White do interviews and explain what she wanted in a wrestler, and I’m that motherfucker *.

If they disrespect me, it will be painful because I really bought myself with what Dana talks about. So it will hurt, because I feel like a company man from day one. I don’t want to go anywhere else, I don’t want to fight anywhere else. But my principles are the most important to me. We’ll see what happens, “closed the American, who wants a new chance for the division belt.

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