Are you retiring? The Formula 1 champion who questioned his future: “The years are getting longer”

This season in the Formula 1 there is an average age of 27 years. From the youngest pilot, which is Yuki tsunoda with 20 years, even the oldest who is Kimi raikkonen At the age of 41, they make up the most talented grid in recent years. However, one of those drivers, who was already a top flight champion, opened the door to retirement at the end of the season. «The years are getting longer«He commented.

In 2007, surprisingly, Kimi Raikkonen achieved the only World title of his career. The Finn, with a unique talent, was able to beat the McLaren from Fernando Alonso Y Lewis hamilton. During several seasons, Kimi showed her talent and was able to show that she was up for great things. Luck and being contemporary with other historical pilots did not favor him to have more crowns.

At 41, the Finn continues to show that he can fight. At the controls of a Alfa Romeo, one of the weakest cars on the grid, knew how to squeeze every meter to score good points. However, he is not in the positions that he would like. This Tuesday, in an interview with the Racing News 365 medium, he left the door open to a possible retirement.


Raikkonen said that the performance of the car will not influence the decision he makes in the next races, although he hopes to improve as the weeks go by. “The performance of Alfa Romeo I don’t think has much to do with my decision to continue next year or not. Of course, the higher you are, the more fun you have. When you are not in the place you want, the years get longer and longer, and you don’t see that fun in the team, “he said.

“We are working hard and improving. We hope to be where we want, fighting regularly for points, “added the 2007 champion. On the other hand, the Finn commented that he feels an improvement compared to other seasons. “This year we have more power, and it is clear that we have taken a step forward. We always want more, but everything is on the right track.

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