Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in spy series

Some artists who only starred in Hollywood movies In the past, now, they have turned to see that the small screen is a great optionThis is due to the multiple existing platforms and also that the public has adapted to this new format.

Netflix: Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in spy series with Monica Barbaro

One of those who will make the transition from cinema to series will be Arnold Schwarzenegger, who returns to the film set with Netflix to star in a spy series alongside actress Monica Barbaro.

We know that Schwarzenegger has a decades-long career in entertainment, but believe it or not, this will be the actor’s debut in the series format for a platform.

What will be the plot of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger series?

The plot will focus on the life of a father who discovers that his daughter also secretly works for the CIA and you must collaborate with it, as Netflix communicates in a letter.

The Arnold’s participation in a series had been going on for several months as a rumor, after Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep also made the move from film to series.

Your partner in fiction, Barbaro participated in Top Gun film: Maverick where he shares credits with Tom Cruise.