Arrested! Members of a video game cheating company are caught

UNITED STATES.- Recently it has been reported that they have arrested members of a company “Chicken drumstick” that sold traps for video game. Of course, online games are always under the scrutiny of this type of operation. Therefore, everything indicates that this problem has gotten out of control in recent years, so those who administer justice have stood firm and trapped these people.

In this context, the BBC reported that several members of “one of the largest video game cheating companies” are already under arrest, with everything and their super-luxury cars. Thus, it was detailed that these vendors operated under the name “Chicken Drumstick” and profited from video games such as Call of duty u Overwatch. For this reason, the world of gamers has been surprised and it is not for less.

In this way, what has drawn attention to the way they operate is that their actions were carried out through subscriptions that ranged from $ 10 a day to $ 200 a month. In addition, it was stressed that the raid was a collaboration between the Chinese police and the video game company Tencent, achieving the cancellation of the largest video game cheating operation in history.

Meanwhile, this arrest resulted in the taking of possessions of 46 million dollars in “assets”, among which several luxury cars stand out. Likewise, it was reported that the Chinese authorities found and destroyed 17 traps and 10 people were arrested in connection with this criminal activity. Similarly, it was stressed that this deception is the “largest in the world” due to the sums of money and games involved.

On the other hand, several local and international media have pointed to “Chicken Drumstick” as one of the largest companies in the world in terms of supplying cheats. For this reason, a large number of gamers have celebrated these actions by Tencent and the Chinese police, since without a doubt this is one of the biggest problems that players face in games. video game online.

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