Artist imagines a Super Saiyan transformation of Bra from Dragon Ball Super and the result is incredible

Bra is the second daughter of Vegeta and Bulma in Dragon Ball Super, and an artist decided to honor her with a Super Saiyan art of the character that was simply impressive.

She is a hybrid of Saiyan and Earthman, like her older brother Trunks. It appears at the end of the Dragon Ball manga, and at the end of the Dragon Ball Z anime and also in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

To honor the character, the reddit user called u / Kalt28 decided to imagine what a Super Saiyan form would look like, and the result was simply incredible, check out his publication below:

Artist reimagines Dragon Ball Super Bra as a Super Saiyan and the result was impressive

As you can see, the art shows Bra in an outfit similar to Caulifla’s thanks to her top and short shorts. With his hair pulled back, Bra seems focused while summoning the power to become a Super Saiyan.

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Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the manga continues to be published monthly with unprecedented adventures.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta face a new challenge: Granolah, the survivor. This character suffered at the hands of the Saiyans at the behest of Freeza in the past, and now seeks revenge.

You can follow the Dragon Ball Super anime in its entirety on Crunchyroll, in its original language with Portuguese subtitles.

Access the site through this link and then get 14 days of free premium on a new account.

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