As if it were a cell phone! “We are confident in the ability of the team”: NASA’s Ingenuity cannot fly and this is why

UNITED STATES.- After taking off from the Perseverance rover the helicopter Ingenuity is still on standby to break through the skies of Mars Well, as if it were a cell phone, the aircraft needs an update of software. This was revealed by the POT and he assured that it is needed so that the first mission in the Martian atmosphere can be carried out successfully.

The flight scheduled for April 11 has been postponed due to a problem that was detected in the test flight on April 9, so the POT detailed that when evaluating the performance of the high-speed rotor, it was possible to identify a problem in the timer, which is what the Ingenuity script monitors. As a result of this, the aircraft itself sent an alert to the system and was placed in “Safe Mode”.

In this sense, the team from the Space Agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) carried out a series of tests and analyzes to determine that it was best to reinstall the flight control software. This has had an impact on the planned dates, as it appears that the flight would be delayed for another week, as long as the repair work is completed and the software works properly.

Meanwhile, those responsible for NASA assured that these tasks are a “minor modification”, but without a doubt that the retro is extremely large, since we are talking about carrying out this work no less than 471 million kilometers from the Land. “We are confident in the team’s ability to overcome this challenge and prepare for the historic first controlled motorized flight of Ingenuity on another planet ”, the agency has revealed.

On the other hand, male and female engineers have carried out an action plan that includes the following: 1.- Diagnose the problem and develop solutions to this challenge. 2.- Develop / validate and load software on the aircraft. 3.- Load flight software in the flight controllers. 4.- Start the new flight software in Ingenuity. Finally, they assured that this “will take a while” so we will continue to wait.

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