Terence Wilson – Astro from UB40 sadly dead – cause of death

We are absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken to have to tell you that our beloved Astro has today passed away after a very short illness. The world will never be the same without him. We ask you to please respect his family’s privacy at this incredibly difficult time.

One of the founding members of Birmingham leaderboard UB40 quit the band in a sensational way-and made a painful parting voice to the rest of the members. In a severe attack, the outgoing singer Astro described their new album “Overcoming the Storm” as “substandard” and the combination as “rudless.” However, the resignation shocked the band spokesperson.

He said he knew nothing about the news before the Birmingham Post contacted him. For fans, the latest development is that after several years of turbulence, several band members were declared bankrupt and founder Ali Campbell withdrew. He claimed that mismanagement and years of unhappiness prompted him to quit with keyboard player Micky Virtue, who also quit the group, which has sold a staggering 120 million albums.

In the statement, Astro, whose real name is Terence Oswald (Terence Oswald), condemned the “national” direction for the new album, and criticized: “Since Ali and Mickey left, the band is like a ship without a direction. The ship has no clear direction and no action plan. “We got confused about our way in a wing and a prayer. There is a serious lack of communication between the band and the management. “My heart is not in the new album.

My contribution has been reduced to a backing singer. As our fans know, this is not my role in the band. I am the lead singer, the lead singer. “Although the long-term relationship with reggae musicians and country music may be true, it does not mean that this is what I want to play, far from it, and it is definitely not something I want to be part of. Our fans are considered substandard by me.

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