RIP to the 8 – What Happened at Travis Scott Astroworld Festival 2021?

The Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena told reporters that when Travis Scott was performing, the crowd was squeezed into the stage.Texas officials said that at least eight people were killed and several others were injured during the Astroworld Festival’s surge in crowds.The head of the Houston Fire Department Samuel Pena told reporters that when Travis Scott performed, the crowd was squeezed into the stage.

The surge happened around 9 pm on Friday night. The show was called off shortly after several people began suffering injuries.

Pena said the cause of death will be determined by a forensic doctor. At the same time, the police are working hard to find out the identity of the victim.

Lieutenant Larry Sutterwhite, executive assistant director of the Houston Police Department, which is close to the front, said the situation is developing rapidly. “It seemed to happen within a few minutes-suddenly, several of us experienced some type of cardiac arrest or some type of medical event on the ground,” he said.

Approximately 50,000 people attended the NRG Park event, which was hosted by rapper and producer Travis Scott. The festival has entered its third year and is expected to host a two-day event, but officials said Saturday’s performance lineup has been cancelled.The surge occurred around 9pm. Friday night. The show was canceled shortly after several people started getting injured.

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