Atletico Madrid delegate spoke of the goodbye of two of his figures

Miguel Angel Gil Marin is the CEO of the Atlético de Madrid and in an interview with the MARCA newspaper he spoke of the possible exits of two of his players: «Saúl and Giménez They are captains of the team, they have been at the club for many seasons and, therefore, they have earned the right to decide when and how to end their relationship with Atlético, ”he commented for said media.

“It is obvious that now, six weeks and eight games from finishing the championship, being leaders and suffering to maintain the leadership, it is not necessary to talk about the market,” he remarked. It should be remembered that Atlético de Madrid has had a series of setbacks in the local tournament and today it shares the lead with the Real Madrid. A small difference puts it on the meringue set.

“Doing it now is irresponsible that only causes instability. Something that possibly someone intends to achieve, “he said. For him it is not a good time to address these issues, he prefers to focus on the competition. Eliminated from the Copa del Rey, from the Champions League; Some experts describe the option of Atlético losing LaLiga as a failure.

‘The team has tried. We started very well, but in a safe play, their goal came. We have tried. Two points are escaping, but we are still first and we depend on ourselves, “said Koke after the painful draw against Betis that allowed Real Madrid and Barcelona they will discount differences. They still depend on themselves.

«It is all a mental issue and the illusion that we have for wanting to win. We have casualties, but there is a great squad. The team is strong and we continue to be leaders, which in the end is the most important thing today, ”concluded the player after the game. On May 9 they will face Barcelona, ​​a direct duel that can change the LaLiga scene. An exciting day.

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