Attention Cyberpunk 2077 fans! CD Projekt Red reveals aspects of the future of this video game

USA.- CD Projekt Red, video game developer “Cyberpunk 2077” and “The witcher”, Has launched a real bomb for his fans by ensuring that he is working on two triple A games. For this reason, it has been speculated that it would be a matter of time before his two main franchises can have a sequel, something that has undoubtedly filled with joy to the gamer community.

The suspicions are based on the fact that the developer has written a commercial report where it refers that in the year 2022 it will begin to work in parallel in its “two main franchises”. Let us remember that the two aforementioned videogames are those that have been fully developed, since their sales numbers have not been as overwhelming as in other companies.

For this reason, “The Witcher” is positioned as the video game with the most titles released since 2007. For its part, “Cyberpunk 2077”It was the first outside the franchise that debuted in 2020 and was full of controversy; from delays in its premiere to lawsuits because the game caused epilepsy in people and this had not been notified, in addition to the large amount of back and forth.

In this same context, it was the CEO of the company, Adam Kicinsk who reported that “CD Projekt Red creates triple A role-playing games for a single player, that is not going to change.” For this reason, they also took the opportunity to emphasize that there will be changes in the marketing department, especially due to the criticism it has received “Cyberpunk 2077”After its launch and would be looking to change the ways of working in this regard.

“Our campaigns will be much shorter. We will wait until it is much closer to the launch of our game before we start showing things like previews, demos or delving into the mechanics, ”revealed the CEO. For now, it has not been confirmed that these two “franchises” are the ones mentioned, it will only be necessary to make it official, but it would be more than obvious if we have as a premise which are their strongest and most demanded video games.

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